So a little about me…

I started out as a fixture in other peoples streams, helping with community things. I am a bit of a mystery… For years there were two rules, #1 No Face, #2 No Voice.

I kinda ended up being known for my pandies… yeah that is a thing (gallery coming soon).
We (me and twidler) decided that it was time for me to stream, so rule #2 had to take a hike.

That kinda brings us to where we are now! I play random games, do art, drink, do general shenanigans. I love interacting with our community and hope that people have a great time with us!

More Content Coming Soon!

We are working hard on making some interesting content for you guys to check out. We are also bringing back the Vice Store with tons of new designs that we have been working on! There will be tons of stuff for everyone. It is a cool way to support Vice and get neat stuff you can use or wear everyday!

The design of this site may change drastically so don’t panic if it does!
Please look below for a little status update.